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Wellbeing In Primary Schools

We are passionate about promoting wellbeing and equipping people of all ages with tools and techniques to build emotional resilience.

Our Work With Primary School Children

"Without some sense of wellbeing in life, children cannot flourish and reach their potential. Although there are research studies to back up this claim, most educators will know from their own experiences that when we have a sense of wellbeing in our lives, we are far better able to take in new information, take risks in our learning and take responsibility for our learning." Young Minds website

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Wellbeing Steps Programme
Our Wellbeing Steps programmes cover numerous wellbeing-related topics with the aim of equipping children with tools and techniques to support their day-to-day wellbeing. It helps them to build both resilience and emotional literacy.
Weekly PSHE Lessons As PPA Cover
We can come into your school to deliver PSHE lessons for EYFS through to Year 6. We cover numerous topics from looking after the environment to coping with uncomfortable feelings and adopting a growth mindset.
Magnificent Mind Champion Training
The Magnificent Mind Champion Training aims to equip Year 5 pupils to become Pacesetter’s "Magnificent Mind Champions" who will help spread lots of positive mental health related messages across your school.
6-Week Pick & Mix Wellbeing Courses
Our 6-week courses are tailored to you – you can pick and mix from a range of lessons that we either deliver to whole classes or small groups. There are numerous lessons to choose from – all with a link to mental health and wellbeing.
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Become qualified as a Youth Mental Health First Aider. Our Youth Mental Health First Aid courses teach you the skills of how to spot signs of mental ill health in a young person, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they may need.
One Off Wellbeing Workshops
We cover a huge range of topics including those related to Relationships and Sex Education as well as self-esteem and mindset. We can come in to deliver one off workshops to classes. We require a minimum of 4 workshops in a day.
Parent Workshops
Our parent workshop helps parents develop their understanding of children or young people’s mental health and explores how parents can further support their children.
Staff Workshops
Our staff workshops are a great way to empower staff with tools & techniques to support their own wellbeing.
Set The Peace
Book one of our “SET THE PEACE” days & one of our Wellbeing Instructors will be all yours for an entire day! The activities we can provide include: breathing techniques, basic yoga, meditation, imaginative balancing poses & basic mindfulness.
Virtual Pacesetters
Our Sports and Wellbeing Coaches are ready to come into your school this year. In addition, we have also developed some remote services to help you with your sport and wellbeing provision.