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Virtual Pacesetters

Our Sports and Wellbeing Coaches are ready to come into your school this year. 

In addition, we have also developed some remote services to help you with your sport and wellbeing provision.

Our Virtual Pacesetters packages are available for a September start leading up to October half-term.





Mental & Physical Fitness Videos

A series of videos led by our Virtual Pacesetter Coaches (approximately 10 minutes) to promote mental and physical fitness and health, contributing towards children catching up.

  Three per week (21 in total) Five per week (35 in total)

Classroom Break Videos

Short brain break activities / games to give the class teacher a rest (15 in total, approximately 1-2 minutes long).

Full Set Full Set Full set

Mega Mindsetters Club Plans

7 activity plans for a weekly Mega Mindsetters Club.

A fun wellbeing club covering lots of topics including mindset, teamwork & chill skills.

You choose which set of plans (EYFS & KS1 OR Years 3 & 4 OR Years 5 & 6).

One set of activity plans Two sets of activity plans All plans for all year groups

Magnificent Mind Champion Training

This programme equips a group of children from Year 5 to be wellbeing champions in school.

They will receive remote training as well as a badge to wear plus termly resources (including assembly and lesson plans).

     Full training package & use for one year


£99 + VAT

£349 + VAT

£649 + VAT

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