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Pacesetter Sports & Wellbeing Award

The Pacesetter Sport & Wellbeing Award is a free award, available to schools, to reward them for their commitment to the following:

  • Quality of their PE & School Sport
  • Internal (House/Class) School Competitions 
  • Inter School Competitions & Fixtures
  • County/regional/national representation by school team or individual (KS2)
  • Extra curricular clubs
  • Young leaders involvement
  • Links to outside clubs and agencies
  • Promotion of children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing

The award will focus on EYFS/KS1 & KS2 and involve teachers, parents and the whole community. We believe there is a link between positive wellbeing and sport which explains the introduction of an award that complements the two and get as many children involved in sport and wellbeing as possible. If a school takes part in various competitions run by other agencies, other schools or organisations, Pacesetter will recognise all of these as long as they are run in a ‘competitive’ environment and be as inclusive as possible.

If Pacesetter have a PE Lead role within the school, it will be Pacesetter’s responsibility to manage all areas, taking any additional work off the school. If you do not have a PE lead role and you would like to be part of this award, the school will need to submit the details by 30th June. This award focusses on both the emotional and physical wellbeing of a school and gives them the statistical information on the certificate that can be shared.

Download the full criteria here >

‘I just wanted to let you know that we’ve had another amazing term with Anthony. We love having him in school and he’s now part of our staffroom banter. He just gets on with everyone! The children miss him on the days when he’s not at school and work hard to impress him when team tryouts are coming up. We finally have some great inter house competitions going too. He has done such a good job in winning them over. I can’t imagine what we did without him’!

Niamh Rolph, Head Teacher, St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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