Term Time Clubs - Redwell Primary School


Redwell Primary School
Barnwell Road

CHILDCARE VOUCHERS ACCEPTED - If you are paying by this method please contact the office: 01604 686367/686200. Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of payment from the voucher provider.

MORE BREAKFAST CLUB SPACES NOW AVAILABLE!  - The Breakfast club will now be situated in the KS2 big hall. Dance and Gymnastics clubs are now situated in the KS1 Small Hall.


YearsTimeDatesCost inc VAT
Monday Breakfast Club (Pre-school)R-607:45 - 08:50Mar 8th 15th 22nd£13.80
Dodgeball Club (Monday - After-school)1-415:30 - 16:30Mar 8th 15th 22nd£14.25
Tuesday Breakfast Club (Pre-school)R-607:45 - 08:50Mar 9th 16th 23rd£13.80
Gymnastics Club yrs 1-4 (Tuesday - Pre-school)1-408:00 - 08:50Mar 9th 16th 23rd£13.50
Gymnastics Club year R (Tuesday - After-school)R15:30 - 16:30Mar 9th 16th 23rd£14.25
Wednesday Breakfast Club (Pre-school)R-607:45 - 08:50Mar 10th 17th 24th£13.80
Dance Club yrs 1, 3, 4 and 5 only (Wednesday - Pre-school)08:00 - 08:50Mar 10th 17th 24th£13.50
Athletics Club (Wednesday - After-school)1-415:30 - 16:30Mar 10th 17th 24th£14.25
Thursday Breakfast Club (Pre-school)R-607:45 - 08:50Mar 11th 18th 25th£13.80
Friday Breakfast Club (Pre-school)R-607:45 - 08:50Mar 12th 19th 26th£13.80
KS1 Football Club (Friday - After-school)R-215:30 - 16:30Mar 12th 19thFully bookedJoin waiting list