Term Time Clubs - Redwell Primary School


Redwell Primary School
Barnwell Road

CHILDCARE VOUCHERS ACCEPTED - If you are paying by this method please contact the office: 01604 686367/686200. Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of payment from the voucher provider.

YearsTimeDatesCost inc VAT
Summer Term Monday Breakfast ClubR-607:45 - 08:50Jul 11th 18th£10.00
Summer Term Dodgeball (Monday - After-school)R-615:30 - 16:30Jul 11th 18thFully bookedJoin wait list
Summer Term Tuesday Breakfast ClubR-607:45 - 08:50Jul 12th 19th£10.00
Summer Term Gymnastics Morning Session (Tuesday)R-608:00 - 08:50Jul 12th 19th£9.50
Summer Term Gymnastics Afternoon Session (Tuesday)R-615:30 - 16:30Jul 12th 19thFully bookedJoin wait list
Summer Term Wednesday Breakfast ClubR-607:45 - 08:50Jul 13th 20th£10.00
Summer Term Dance (Wednesday - Pre-school)R-608:00 - 08:50Jul 13th 20th£9.50
Summer Term Athletics (Wednesday - After-school)R-615:30 - 16:30Jul 13th 20thFully bookedJoin wait list
Summer Term Thursday Breakfast ClubR-607:45 - 08:50Jul 7th 14th 21st£15.00
Summer Term Football Thursday Session (After-school)R-615:30 - 16:30Jul 7th 14th 21st£15.00
Summer Term Friday Breakfast ClubR-607:45 - 08:50Jul 8th 15th£10.00
Summer Term Football Friday Session (After-school)R-615:30 - 16:30Jul 8th 15thFully bookedJoin wait list